Faith Academy is both an administrative overseer and an enabler. It is our belief that a child’s education and the direction of his mental emotional, social, spiritual and physical growth is properly the responsibility of his parents. The hope of the school is that we may provide assistance and support to Christian parents who subscribe to this belief. The three-fold goal of home education is first to instill Biblical character within the student, secondly create a desire to learn, and, thirdly to give the child the ability to relate well to the world around him. Because education is more than the mere gaining of academic knowledge, the school is committed to encouraging an environment in which families can more effectively cultivate the qualities of character, creativity, leadership, responsibility and excellence in every facet of life. Faith Academy assists parents by offering them a system of encouragement and support, a framework of structure and direction, a point of academic reference, a means of accountability, and a resource of information and training. We offer children access to group activities and learning experiences which enhance their academic, social, physical, scriptural, and emotional development. We recognize the authority of God over all aspects of life, including the education of children and we recognize the authority of parents over the education of their children.

Services Offered:

Enrollment in Faith Academy allows a family to avail themselves of everything which the school has to offer. It is an all encompassing program which includes, but is not limited to the following services:

  • A system of encouragement and support
  • A means of accountability
  • School and support group field trips
  • Maintenance and processing of academic records
  • Workshops/training seminars
  • Annual standardized testing
  • Graduation ceremonies/diplomas, provision of transcripts
  • Communication via e-mail
  • High school and college preparation counselor
  • Orientation Clinic
  • Various labs (science etc.)
  • Valedictorian/Salutatorian honors,
  • Home School Legal Defense annual group rate
  • Various programs such as sports, drama, music, writing and reading clubs, extra group classes etc.

Some of these activities will vary from year to year depending upon the support and participation of the parents who are willing to sponsor the activity by giving of their time and abilities as a ministry to the young people of Faith Academy. Please understand some of the activities have a fee associated with participation in them. Advance notice would of course be given if a fee is involved.